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Alto clarinet

Ken Blacklock--Ray Walker--Nick Xenelis--Gino Micheletti

The Santa Rosa Clarinet Quartet was established in Santa Rosa, California, in October of 1985. Since then it has performed for concerts, receptions, school demonstrations, business functions and a variety of other public and private events.

The musicians in the quartet are retired public school teachers and have had extensive experience in symphony orchestras, concert and dance bands, ensembles and solo work. Collectively, the quartet members have over 200 years of experience. Each member plays different clarinets as needed for a particular musical arrangement. Nick Xenelis plays Eb and Bb soprano clarinets; Gino Micheletti plays Bb and alto clarinets; Ken Blacklock and Ray Walker both play Bb and bass clarinets.

The quartet library consists of over 100 arrangements, the majority of which were written by its members. It contains transcriptions of classical selections, ragtime, Latin, show tunes and other types of popular music as well as original compositions. At the bottom of this page you'll find a link to some audio samples of this music.

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In memoriam--Founding members Stan Goldman and Jack Murphy and arranger Roland Band.