Clarinetists--Ken Blocklock, Ray Walker, Nick Xenelis, Gino Micheletti

We offer samples of our music for your listening pleasure.
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or hear the complete selections.

The file size and the playing time are given for each.
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We hope you enjoy listening to our selections.

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Hear about the Santa Rosa Clarinet Quartet (337k, 1:55)

Joplin, Maple Leaf Rag---- excerpt (61k, :21) complete (328k, 1:51)

De Falla, Valse Caprice---- excerpt (70k, :21) complete (470k, 2:40)

Lecuona, La Comparsa---- excerpt (49k, :16) complete (349k, 1:52)

Two Schubert Waltzes---- excerpt (61k, :21) complete (224k, 1:19)

Mozart, Divertimento---- excerpt (45k, :15) complete (271k, 1:32)

Murphy, Syncopation Rag---- excerpt (41k, :13) complete (419k, 2:22)

Murphy, Petite Waltz---- excerpt (57k, :19) complete (383k, 2:10)

So What's New---- excerpt (36k, :12) complete (198k, 1:08)

Over the Rainbow---- excerpt (65k, :22) complete (351k, 2:00)

Mourssorgsky, Ballet of Unhatched Chickens---- excerpt (52k, :17) complete (260k, 1:28)

Arrangements for the Quartet by the late Roland Band

J.S. Bach, Bouree---- excerpt (38k, :13) complete (361k, 2:03)

Everything I Have Is Yours---- excerpt (35k, :11) complete (330k, 1:49)

Lover---- excerpt (42k, :13) complete (196k, 1:05)

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