We offer our reproductions of some vintage recordings of well-known and not so well-known musicians for your listening pleasure. The recordings were transferred to our computer, edited and /or enhanced and converted to the mp3 format with software programs.

These files have been reduced to about 10% of their original size and can be downloaded to your computer and saved if you wish. Each requires some time to download so please be patient. We hope you enjoy listening to our selections. Click on what you wish to hear.

Louis Armstrong, West End Blues

(Playing time 3:21-----Size 591kb)

Bix Beiderbecke, Jazz Me Blues

(Playing time 3:05-----Size 540kb)

John Phillip Sousa's Band, Amoureuse Waltz

(Playing time 2:50-----Size 500kb)

John Phillip Sousa's Band, Poet and Peasant Overture

(Playing time 4:07-----Size 745kb)

Arthur Pryor's Band, Peter Piper March

(Playing time 2:33-----Size 449kb)

Herbert L. Clarke, cornetist, Russian Fantasie

(Playing time 2:46-----Size 489kb)

Olando Tognozzi, clarinetist, 2nd mov't Telemann Sonata

(Playing time 1:45-----Size 308kb)

Slater Street Saxophone Quartet, Ragtime Suite

(Playing time 2:31-----Size 442kb)

Frank Sinatra (circa 1943), Sunday, Monday or Always

(Playing time 3:15-----Size 737kb)

Ella Fitzgerald with Benny Goodman (1938), Goodnight My Love

(Playing time 3:09-----Size 737kb)

Enrico Caruso, tenor, 'A Vucchella

(Playing time 2:55-----Size 513kb)

Alma Gluck, soprano, Carmena

(Playing time 3:01-----Size 533kb)

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