Gino's photo

Gino began his apprenticeship in repairing with Wes Greeott in Ukiah, California, at the age of fifteen and continued learning techniques and skills with Keith Harmon in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Charlie Simons in Santa Rosa, California. Gino opened his own shop while a student at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. He has been a performing musician besides repairing and currently plays clarinet with the Santa Rosa Clarinet Quartet and the Liberty Valley Wind Quintet and has written arrangements for the two groups.

Gina's photo

Gina is the youngest of three children. She began her apprenticeship with her father when she was fourteen. She played the clarinet in elementary and high schools in Sebastopol and attended the Santa Rosa Junior College. On March 20, 1998, Gina gave birth to a son, Jacob, beginning the next generation of instrument repair technicians. She is seen here working on an old and unusual Holton bass saxophone.


From the right in this photo are grandson Jacob, Gina and Steve's son, great-grandson Davie and great-grandson Ayden. Davie and Ayden are brothers and sons of Bryan. Bryan is Gina's nephew and the eldest of our three grandchildren.

Our newest family member is our third great-grandson and Gina's third grand-nephew
Joshua James. He was born October 10, 2009, in Reno, Nevada. His father is James,
our grandson and Gina's nephew and Bryan's brother.

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